Cape Town Carnival 2023

Excitement is building up as the much-awaited Cape Town Carnival is set to take place once again in 2023. The vibrant streets of Cape Town will come alive on the 18th of March as thousands of people gather to celebrate this year's theme of 'Afr-energy'.

As with previous years, the Cape Town Carnival promises to be an exhilarating event that showcases the unique diversity of South African cultures, music, dance, art, and creativity. With a parade format that allows spectators to join in, the carnival is the perfect way to experience the colorful and energetic spirit of Cape Town's people.

This year's carnival boasts a total of forty-eight community groups and performers from across the Western Cape. From traditional dancers and drummers to contemporary music acts and street performers, the parade promises to be a spectacle of talent and skill. With over 1600 acts scheduled to perform, visitors are sure to be entertained from start to finish.

What's more, thirteen new community groups will be joining familiar artists like the Western Province Marching Band and the Eaon Crew on the day. The addition of these new groups will bring even more diversity and energy to the carnival, ensuring that there's something for everyone to enjoy.

The Cape Town Carnival has become a beloved annual event that draws people from all walks of life. Now in its twelfth year, the carnival continues to grow in popularity and significance. The organizers aim to use the event to promote social cohesion and cultural diversity, while also providing a platform for local artists and performers to showcase their talents.

As always, the Cape Town Carnival is free to the public, making it accessible to all. So if you're in Cape Town on the 18th of March, make sure to join in the festivities and experience the electrifying energy of this unique cultural event.


Contact Information

Date: Saturday, 18 March 2023

Location: Cape Town, City Centre

Contact: 021 406 3447