Shop Handmade Mohair Knitwear from Chommies’ New Mo-hey! Collection

Shop Handmade Mohair Knitwear from Chommies’ New Mo-hey! Collection

If you’re looking for a covetable and modern luxury piece that reflects South African crafts, the Mo-hey range of knitwear by Chommies might just be it. The collection is the brainchild of Nathalie Klijn and started as a lockdown project in 2020. Today Mo-hey! By Chommies is a thriving label within a business and employs over 22 knitters for the line of colour-soaked casualwear. 

Chommies Mo-hey! knitwear in Cape Town

A trans-seasonal style statement

Chommies is already a firm favourite with pet lovers for its eye-catching dog collars and accessoriesr. With Mo-hey!, the Cape Town-based brand continues to bring its signature joy to people with its collections of hand-knitted mohair jerseys, cardigans, hoodies, coats and vests.

Every piece in the collection has been designed as a versatile wardrobe staple to carry you through the seasons while cocooning you in a luxurious layer of warmth. 

Nathalie Klijn, Chommies’ founder and creative director, follows a creative approach to the selection of colours in the Mo-hey! range. Dictated by her travel and experiences, if Klijn sees something that inspires her, she’ll turn that colour palette into a unique piece. The result is a kaleidoscope of colour-happy combinations, named after cocktails, flowers and South African landscapes. 

Multi-coloured combos like Karoo Morning reflect the gentle sunrise with hues of peach and yellow, while the monochromatic Emerald captures the rich jewel tones of its namesake. For those with more laid-back aesthetics, Limpopo, Charcoal, Camel and Linen offer the same unique products in neutral colours.

The relaxed fit of the mohair garments makes for comfortable and flattering wear, suitable for all shapes, sizes and occasions. Mo-hey! also offers custom sizing and colour options.

Whether you’re grabbing coffee and walking your dog in the morning, wrapping up after a cold-water swim or enjoying cocktails and snacks with best friends in the evening, Mo-hey! brings a sense of fun and effortless luxury to everyday life.

Chommies Mo-hey! knitwear

Handcrafted by local knitters

The naturally ‘breathing’ fibres absorb and release atmospheric moisture, leaving you at your most comfortable.

Each Mo-hey! item is made from hand-sheared, hand-spun and hand-dyed wool, and is hand-knitted — strictly no machines allowed.

The intricate process starts with the finest mohair fibres sourced from Adéle’s Mohair’s Angora goats that roam freely across the Greater Karoo region. Shearing is an essential part of keeping Angora goats healthy as their coat grows continuously, it must be shorn twice a year. This wool is expertly spun into an incredibly soft, lightweight, silky yarn, which is naturally dyed in carefully selected colours. 

Chommies’ team of phenomenal knitters, who span the ages of 24 to 84 years, then get to work. The knitwear is a unique labour of love and masterful skill that has often been passed down through the generations, bearing the mark of each knitter’s own individual techniques and handling. As part of Chommies’ commitment to supporting local communities, the knitters are offered flexible working hours, enabling them to work from home at times that complement their lives and responsibilities.

The Mo-hey! collection is now exclusively available online and at The House of Chommies Concept Store in Gardens, the OZCF market on weekends in Granger Bay, Cape Town and the Chommies Store in Prince Albert. 

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