Experience the Flavors of Cape Town at the Nederburg Harvest Festiva

Event: Experience the Flavours of Cape Town at the Nederburg Harvest Festival

Cape Town, South Africa is set to host the Nederburg Harvest Festival on February 8th, 2023 at the Nederburg Wine Estate. The festival is an annual event that brings together wine enthusiasts and locals to celebrate the grape harvest and the new wine release. The festival offers an opportunity to taste and purchase the new wine release, as well as a chance to sample wines from the Nederburg portfolio.

What to expect at the Nederburg Harvest Festival:

The festival features a variety of activities and entertainment, including wine tastings, food and wine pairings, live music, and grape stomping. Visitors can also explore the Nederburg wine cellars and learn about the winemaking process.

The Nederburg wine estate is a historic and picturesque winery located in the Paarl region of Cape Town. The estate is known for its award-winning wines and has a reputation for producing wines of exceptional quality. The festival is a perfect opportunity for visitors to taste and purchase the wines from the estate.

The Nederburg Harvest Festival is a great opportunity to experience the flavors of Cape Town and indulge in the local wine culture. The festival is a must-attend event for wine enthusiasts and locals alike. So mark your calendars for February 8th, and join us for a day of wine, music, and fun at the Nederburg Harvest Festival.

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Date: 8 February 2023 | Time: 16:00 

For more information visit: www.nederburg.com



Photo by Árpád Czapp on Unsplash

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