uBuhle boKhokho Exhibition

Event: uBuhle boKhokho Exhibition

Southern Guild presents uBuhle boKhokho (Beauty of Our Ancestors), a solo exhibition by Zizipho Poswa, from 17 November 2022 to 2 February 2023. This new series of ceramic and bronze sculptures explore the art of hairstyling practiced by Black women across the African continent and diaspora.


uBuhle boKhokho Exhibition information:

uBuhle boKhokho marks the beginning of another ambitious chapter for the artist. Poswa continues the exploration of her own cultural story as a Xhosa woman through the making of her sculptural works.


Poswa created and wore 12 hairstyles over five months, documenting each embodiment photographically as part of her process. Through this charged metaphoric lens, hair becomes a personal script for language, for the carrying of meaning and the celebration of self as an act of defiance.


For more information on the exhibition click here.


Date: 17 November 2022 – 2 February 2023 | Location: Silo District, V&A Waterfront, Cape Town. 




Featured image via Imiso Ceramics


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